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Eugenia Bournova has been teaching Urban History in the Department of Economics at the University of Athens since 2000 and, to this end, has edited and supervised the Greek translation (Athens: Plethron, 2000) of Jean-Luc Pinol’s Le Monde des Villes au XIXe Siecle (Paris: Hachette, 1991). Ms Bournova wrote a history of the Municipality of Egaleo, based on the city’s municipal registry records, before turning her focus to Athens and the Capital Region during the Occupation.

Myrto Dimitropolou developed an interest in urban history whilst taking the course at the Department of Economics, UoA and went on to receive her postgraduate DEA (MAS) in 2001. She completed her education and was awarded a PhD from the Lumière University Lyon 2 in 2008; her doctoral thesis was on the social history of Athens during the period 1860 - 1910.

Both researchers are historians, and both are graduates of the same university - Lumière University Lyon 2 - which is known for its tradition in urban history and which boasts world-class faculty and internationally renowned academics, especially in the field of urban history (e.g. Maurice Garden, Jean-Luc Pinol).

During 2004 - 2007, Eugenia Bournova served as academic/scientific coordinator of the ‘Economic and Social History of Modern Athens, 1834-1960’ research project, within the framework of the EC co-funded EPEAEK II - Pythagoras programme; her research work on the capital is ongoing. Myrto Dimitropoulou was-and continues to be-the main researcher in this study.

 CV - Bournova Eugenia - Scientific coordinator
 CV - Dimitropoulou Myrto - Historian / Researcher

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